Thursday, September 3, 2009

All "Funned" Out

Dear Mr. Sandman:
Thank you for returning my son to me. We've had the hardest time since getting back from vacation. Where was my sweet baby, who was the "happiest and most well-tempered" baby anyone on our vacation had ever seen? We came home with such a clingy-crying baby we weren't sure what had happened.

On a whim I put him down for a morning nap--the one he hasn't been taking for a month or two now--and you brought him the sweet relief he needed- an hour long morning nap followed by a two hour afternoon nap. And you've continued to visit him for his naps all week.

I figured all this sleeping had to be doing his some good, and finally today. . . no more whining, no more breakdowns that I would dare to walk past him without picking him up!

So thank you again, your assistance has been invaluable.

P.S. Would you mind sticking around for bedtimes too? A certain four-year-old needs some attention.

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