Thursday, September 24, 2009

Booster Remake

After a family's worth of sicknesses and six days without dad (Oh, him? He was just off receiving an award at a national conference) we're finally back in the swing of things around here. Unfortunately the "swing of things" lately has included Jonas screaming and throwing a fit whenever we tried putting him in his high chair.

Hypothesizing that Jonas may be tired of his high chair and ready to sit at the table with the family, we decided it was time for Owen to pass on his booster seat.

To increase the likelihood of Jonas taking nicely to his new chair at the table I decided to "embellish" his chair with a Thomas picture. Jonas is following in his brother's footsteps and is currently totally obsessed with trains. He goes to sleep with Owens little green wooden Percy clutched tightly in his hand.

So I printed out a Thomas coloring page from the internet and colored it in. Owen helped me color sand under the tracks, and he was telling me what colors I needed. "Thomas' wheels are BLUE Mom, they need to be blue."

Then I cut out the picture and affixed it to the chair with contact paper to seal it in nicely from spills. So now we have a "licensed" piece of merchandise without the cost of paying for licensing.

All I know is if the gimmick works on Jonas then there is no shame!

"Jonas! Don't you just want to climb up there and eat some dinner?!"

PS Stay tuned for a big announcement coming on Monday!


Shanna said...

What a fun idea! Jonas lasted a lot longer than Emma...she seriously would have nothing to do with her highchair at home. It is funny to see your boys in long sleeve is still so hot here during the days. Oh and I was going to say Jonas's shirt looks familiar....I remember when we both bought our boys that shirt at the CP outlet. I always thought the boys looked so handsome. Now Jonas looks handsome. How fun!

Marci said...

If I guess the big announcement correctly, will you make me a pie?
My guess.... you have tickets for the midnight showing of New Moon.

Jeanette said...

Are they selling tickets already?!?!?!


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