Monday, September 28, 2009


Or know anyone who is? Check out this years version of my "Spooky Mama" Materni-Tees!

My original design is distressed on to the shirts with a bleach solution, giving the shirts an modern, edgy look. The design is subtle enough to be worn the whole month of October, but clever enough to make an awesome Halloween Costume! (Note: It doesn't say"Spooky Mama T-Shirt" on it--just in case that pic is confusing!)

Shirts are $20 plus $5 shipping/handling

If you live in town come this Friday and Saturday to the Pumpkin Patch Arts and Crafts fair at CICO park. Find me in Wreath Hall and save yourself the shipping/handling.

If you don't live in town order by this Thursday because I can't promise what sizes will be left after the fair!

SIZING: These are "fitted" t-shirts If you are in months 1-5 you can buy your pre-pregnancy size. If you are months 6-9 you may want to order up 1-2 sizes depending on your body type.


Make sure your listed PayPal address is up to date or else e-mail me with a current address. Thanks!


Brian's Wife said...

The shirts look really great Jeanette!! Good luck selling them!!

Ashlee said...

I'm coming this weekend to buy one for my sister. They are so cute and funny!

the Provident Woman said...

I love the shirt.

Mama said...

How did your sales go? The shirts are great!

Kara Lyn said...

I wish I had a reason to get one of those shirts. They are so funny.


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