Friday, September 25, 2009


It's no secret that I'm not the worlds best homekeeper. But I keep my pride by justifying that while my family may live in clutter--we don't live in filth.

Everyone has their own schedule for housekeeping tasks, and a lot of people probably do it more often than me, but I vacuum every other week. Ideally I'd probably like to vacuum more often than that but I have other responsibilities, and I'm lazy. But I have my standards, so when my carpet begins to be visibly messy I know I have to vacuum again.

Well last week our vacuum died. We've had it since we got married, almost 6 years. I'm not sure how long vacuums are supposed to last, but we were pretty sure it didn't seem fixable, so yesterday we went out and bought a new one.

We don't really know how to shop for vacuums. It's a Sears/Kenmore Quick Clean. It's bagless which is apparently the current trend because they all were, but it was on clearance so we got a good deal. So we left feeling pretty good about the purchase.

So we christened our new purchase in our teeny little family room, with the following results:

My immediate feelings were torn. Torn between feeling satisfied by an obviously good purchase, and between feeling sick to my stomach about the filth that my children have been living in that our old vacuum was leaving behind.


Brian's Wife said...

Well if it makes you feel better I vacuum a couple times a week, and I get out the Dustbuster a couple times a day and my carpet still looks NASTY!! If I ever have the option I think I would forgo carpet in a lot of the areas in my house, maybe only have it in the bedrooms. I keep thinking our vacuum is going to die here soon, but then Bri just fixes it and we push on. I had been thinking I would want a new one....but I am not sure I want to be aware of all the would probably result in me pulling up the carpet one day while Bri was at work....which would not go over so well!

Ashlee said...

Wow that is impressive! :) I will admit though when we got a new vacuum we had similar results and our carpet was almost brand new! I think vacuums these days are much better than they used to be :)

Mama said...

vacuuming sucks!

Wayland said...

Dude, you should have seen the look on Clint's face when I showed him the picture! It was great! It's amazing how much newer vacuums can pick up! Makes me want to get a new one. Wait till you get pets! They bring in so much more filth.
Enjoy cleaning. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow... I've been wanting to get a new vacuum because I wonder about how well it work. Ours is 10 years old, but not broken so hard to justify. Your picture definitely makes me want to go ahead an get one.

the Provident Woman said...

Ummm. Ewww.


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