Monday, October 12, 2009

Saucy Apples

A friend of mine came over on Friday and we canned homemade apple sauce. I have a bit of experience with canning, and most of the right tools, so she wanted to come see how one goes about the whole "canning" experience.

I've never done applesauce before, but I missed peach season due to the woes of early pregnancy, and wanted to do something that the young children we both have would enjoy.

It was pretty simple:
  • Peel, core, and slice apples (We did about 12 lbs and chose a variety to get both good taste and texture.)
  • Put in a pot and barely cover with water (I also squeezed in the juice of one lemon for preservation of color)
  • Simmer 'till soft, then puree (I thought my stick blender might turn it to juice instead of sauce but it actually worked perfectly)
  • Eat or "can" or I suppose you could freeze it too(Our batch made 11 pints)
The best part about it was seeing how interested and excited Owen was about the whole thing. The jars were cooling on the counter and Owen wanted to pop one open right then and eat it. We finally caved in for dinner Saturday night and let the boys have some. I'm really pleased with how well it turned out. And Owen's interest in the process makes it all worth it!

Now I have nine more pounds of apples I bought. What should I do next? More applesauce or apple butter? yummm. . . apple butter. . .


JackJen said...

We made applesauce this weekend too! (If "we" means "Joe.") He's the canning fiend at our house.

Every year we buy an orchard's "seconds," and this year it was $6/bushel! Can you believe that? I was thrilled. So $12 and 84 pounds of apples later, I'm a happy woman.

The apple chips are dehydrating as we speak. =)

I wish we lived closer so we could can together. Don't you?

Mama said...

It looks very delicious!!! It will be even more tasty on a cold winter day.
I have two boxes of apples that need attention and a box of pears. They are in the food storage room keeping cool until I get some time to take care of them.

Brian's Wife said...

How fun, we have been getting some fun stuff to can and freeze with our co-op here in town. We have gotten peaches, corn, and apples. I missed the deadline for this last batch which was pears. It is fun to get the kids involved. Mr.C loves to go pick up the food and help clean it and get it ready. The corn was especially fun since we had to shuck it....and there was over 50 was a MESS but well worth it!

Anna and Stephen said...

They look beautiful! It might seem like a funny word, but with home-canned food, I really feel like it can be called "beautiful." Apple butter sounds delicious, but we also really like apple jelly. :)


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