Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spooky Ambiance

Last week we pulled out the Halloween decorations and started decorating the piano top. (Providing a nice display surface for decorations is the best part of having a piano!)

But I felt like my decorations were a bit sparse, so I began searching the internet for some cute (and cheap) ideas. Here's what I've been having fun working on.

Silhouettes--you know they are big right now. I thought they'd be perfect for a Halloween version of family pictures.

I did individual silhouettes for both boys as well. This ghost is one I made last year (I'll post a tutorial later.) Then I went outside and collected some spooky crooked branches to put in my bud vase.

I had these little frames too, so I did some spooky mice silhouettes as well. (The black silhouette frames were all together in a set with a few more for only $9.99.)

Then I made some spooky "bleeding" candles by dripping red candle wax down some "bone colored" candles I had.

I assembled the whole collection with draping cheesecloth to achieve the final results:

I'm pleased with the spooky look, and may still end up adding more. Once I do some more holiday internet surfing!


Anonymous said...

That is SO CUTE! What fun. You are so creative. Now just learn to play the Wobblin' Gobblin' on the Piano!

Brian's Wife said...

Fun! I need to find where in the world my box of Halloween decorations is hidden! They are either in our deathtrap of a laundry room....or somewhere in the basement of your mom's house. I dream of a day when I have more room to store and organize stuff. Your silhouettes are cute....I have seen a MILLION cute craft ideas I have been dieing to make...I just have a hard time convincing myself that I want to deal with the mess. Maybe I have been spending too much time picking play-dough out of the carpet and erasing all of E's abstract drawings off the walls and furniture! I love all the fall decor. so maybe your post will inspire me to "make a mess" :-)

Carolyn said...

Did you make those sillouettes? They look absolutely like each of you guys!

Mindy said...

I like the silhouettes! I wanted to do this for all my babies, I even have a picture of Cam's profile i took when he was only a month old. I never did get to it tho.


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