Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spooky Instructions

Cheesecloth ghosts can really inexpensively add something fun to your Halloween decor.

Begin by creating a frame for your ghost. Foil can be shaped to give you the right shape you want.

Take one square yard of cheesecloth (Or bigger if you are making a bigger ghost) and cut it in quarters. Stack the quarters on top of each other without lining up the corners so you get a ragged edge.

Pinch the stack of cheesecloth in the center and lift up. Submerge in a bowl of laundry starch then wring out. (Don't loose your center.) Then pull the edges out again and drape over your form.

Arrange the cheesecloth over your form however you want-- you have a while to work with the fabric before it starts setting up.

I tucked my edges under and gave the ghost a kind of "pooling" look. But you can also leave them un-tucked to look raggedy. Another option is to only submerge the top half of the cheesecloth in starch (the edge you hold onto when you pinch the center) so that the top of the ghost is starched, but when it's dry you can then hang it from it's top and let the unstarched raggedy edges hang and sway underneath.

Let your ghost dry at least 4 hours. A blow dryer can speed the process a little. Cut out ghosty eyes and a mouth from black felt and glue them on.

Then display with pride!

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the Provident Woman said...

Wow! That's cool! Thanks for showing me how to make it! I always need more decorations for all seasons. We've never had the money to buy them. Well, many of them.


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