Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bath Time

Yesterday I called Jonas into the bathroom:

"Jonas! Are you ready to come take a bath?!"

Apparently he was.

"Good job, Let's just get your clothes off first, ok buddy?"

* * * * * *

My American history teacher in Jr. High asked us to bring in pictures from home for a project. (Maybe it was the author page for the books we made-can't really remember.) But he said it needed to be a recent picture, not one of you "one-year-old-naked-in-the-bathtub," even though its apparently pretty much universal that everyone has those pictures.

But really, can we parents be blamed? Babies are just too happy and adorable in the bathtub to not take pictures.

All clean!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Jonas has a COMPLETELY different look about him since I saw him in August. He is definitely adorable, though! :) Nonny

the Provident Woman said...

Bathtub photos are the best. I have some great ones with all three of my kids. They are goof balls that's for sure.


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