Friday, November 6, 2009

Medical Terms Identified

It's been a month since my last ultrasound, and since I'm still having bleeding issues we went in for another one. But since I have been having this issue across two months it now has a name: Chronic Abruption.

So we left with a slightly-more-stern-than-last-time warning to "take it easy." This said with a sideways glance at my 20 month-old who was trying to climb up over my belly to push those blinking buttons on the ultrasound machine.

It's amazing to see how much more the baby has developed from last month. And--at 16 weeks--developed enough for our sonographer to tell us: It's a Boy!

Three boys.

I ran across something funny a few weeks ago written by a woman with three sons. So now I have a better idea of what's in store for me.

Here are some of our immediate plans for a household of boys.
  • Hammock sleeping bunks (like in a submarine)
  • A drinking fountain in the backyard
  • "Modded" bunk bed/jungle gym hybrids
Let the Wild Rumpus begin!


Sheffer's said...

Oh, how I cried when I found out I would be having THREE boys! But now I love it. Yes, it's crazy. Yes, they are hard on everything. Yes, everyone asks me, "really? 3 boys? and they're all yours?". But they are also easy because of a number of reasons: I already have a plethora of trucks, action figures, and blue and green clothing/bedding, I know what to "do" with boys, they require a lot less closet space (especially for church clothes). :D You can do it! Another thing I would recommend because I'm dreaming of it for my house one day--a stainless steel bathroom that I can just hose down since they can't seem to aim well, oh, and a padded room in the basement for wrestling complete with a punching bag to get out energy! :D

Meridth Gimbel said...

SUPER CONGRATS! Officially. You guys are the coolest parents ever. Yay for 3 boys.

SUNRYZEZ said...

AWWWW! Congrats!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

One thing you WON'T need is a bathroom in the backyard by that drinking fountain. Bushes work just fine. Nonny


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