Monday, November 23, 2009

My Favorite Things

Money choices are some of the hardest choices to make in life. . . especially when you have none. Money-that is.

One of the things we were most excited for moving out of an apartment in to our house was the fact we had our very own yard! (That and our very own washing machine.) But in reality the yard was empty, and a little boring. Sure, we wanted to go out and buy a big fancy jungle gym for our two year old to climb on and slide on and swing on--but such a purchase was completely out of our reach.

At the time even the purchase of this Little Tikes swing was pretty out of our league, but we guiltily made the purchase at our local big box store. I just hoped it wouldn't be one of those purchases that we would look back on with regret.

After the 3 1/2 years we have lived in our house, I can gratefully say that we do not regret the purchase. It's been used consistently the entire time. We leave it up year round, because sometimes--in the dead of winter-- you'll have a day that is 50 degrees and sunny, and you relish the opportunity to get outdoors and spend 20 minutes outside your house. The swing is perfect for those days.

I love that it's a bucket seat so I can just plop the kids in and pull them out, not worrying about buckles or sliding or lifting things up and down over their heads.

The boys' Poppy even changed the ropes out on his last visit because he thought they were looking worn, and Owen and all his 42 pounds of glory still love using the swing.

The boys don't mind taking turns. . . too much.

Because your turn on the swing will come again, and the wait will have been soooo worth it!


Melissa said...

thanks for sharing I have trying to think of a great present for huds

the Provident Woman said...

That is so cute!

Brian's Wife said...

What fun pictures!! Mr. C found the swing that my mom has just yesterday and climbed up into their Tangelo tree to try to hang it up himself! Luckily B found him before he tried to get in it!! I wish we had a yard where the kids could play. The boys look super cute. We are getting excited to see them in a few weeks.


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