Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Red Party

Since I'm still running on adrenaline--I figured I'd post pictures from our fun night! I invited some friends to come join me for a little party and then carpool over to the movie theater to watch New Moon.

I've been planning the party for a while. How often do we have parties these days? Really. We have to make the most of the opportunity.

It wasn't that hard to find an assortment of black and red treats. (There's some fruity colored treats in there too--those are the Twilight themed conversation hearts.) Everyone got goody bags to fill up and take with them to the theater.

The food more meant for eating at the party was "little smokies" in a sweet and spicy sauce and crackers with a roasted raspberry chipotle dip.

I found this hilarious "blood bag" punch mix at Halloween time and saved it for the party for laughs.

But what we really drank was bottles of strawberry Crush in "blood" drip champagne flutes.

Awesome Girls' Night Out--thanks for coming ladies!

Keeping it Real:
*I didn't have time to get these awesome drink labels printed up. (The link shows the party where I got some of my other ideas as well.)

*With all the party planin' I didn't have time to make a Team Jacob shirt (and then I couldn't find my Leach Lover shirt either).

*I apparently did not have time to fix my hair before the guests arrived--seriously!


Anonymous said...

All the lovely themed goodies on your table look great!! I realised at a primary training meeting that there were other twilight fans, so we are going to go when everyone is back in town (I good am I for waiting!) Hope you had a good night out! What a fun party idea!
How did you do the blood flutes?

Anonymous said...

You're awesome, Jeanette. I wish I could have joined you!! Nonny

Anonymous said...

Netter, Oh my goodness you are so much fun. I love everything! I wish I could have come. And I love that you gave everyone treat bags to fill up. Hope you enjoyed the movie as much as the party.


Brian's Wife said...

What a fun party!! I love planning parties...I think that is why I enjoyed enrichment (when it used to be called that) so much. Your table looks so fun! I am glad you had a good turn out. I wish I could have joined in on the fun. We were finally able to see it yesterday while Mr. C was at was so good...I left wanting to run home and re-read Eclipse!

Mindy said...

So cute!!!! I love your party! And I love that you had bags to take goodies to the theater. Smart!


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