Friday, November 13, 2009

Something New

I've really been feeling like I need a new creative project to work on. So I purchased some felt and I'm getting to work. The plan is a super-cool quiet book modeled after some inspiring ideas I saw recently. I'm so excited!


Anonymous said...

So darling! What fun!! I used stitch witchery to 'glue' the felt pieces together when I made the Christmas stockings for the missionaries. It is more permanent than tacky glue, but is a bit difficult to cut to size. It doesn't have to be completely the right size, though, and another thing I did to tack down the edges was use puff paint to "trace" around the edge, spilling over a bit to catch the underneath felt, and that also 'glues' it to the next piece of felt. I'm not sure what your ideas are for attaching things, and maybe you have a better one than me!! Have fun!! Nonny

SUNRYZEZ said...

ou always have such fun ideas...


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