Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Wicked Early Birthday

Once upon a time there was a boy and we were friends (who had dated in the past but were not currently doing so). And I loved that boy, and I was going to marry that boy. I was just waiting for him to come to his senses and realize it.

So in the course of a certain phone conversation in which the boy was talking about his home in the "Pacific Northwest," I interjected, "I've never been to Oregon."

To which, due to the flow of the conversation and strategically placed coy hints, I was certain he would respond, "Well do you want to come visit this summer?"

"Yes I would." I stated, very self-satisfactorily.

And so it was planned. The trip, which would take place the week after my brother's high school graduation in AZ and the week before my summer job started in Utah.

Unfortunately, making the trip in that time slot meant I would not be able to travel with the rest of my family on a trip to California to visit my sister, and go to Six Flags, and go to this new show opening in San Fransisco--destined to end up on Broadway--called WICKED!

But I had my future to look after you know, so the trip to the potential future spouse had to be priority!

And although my position as future spouse was unofficially secured before making the trip, and the societal necessities of meeting the parents before our official engagement had to be observed, there was still a little bit of me that was sad to miss out on the family trip. Especially when hearing all the great stories after the trip and hearing everyone "Ooooh" and "Ahhh" about how wonderful the show WICKED had been, and recieving a copy of the fabulously fun music!

But with a husband that appreciates musical theater as much as I do, I knew the day would come that I would get my chance to see the show. That was June 2003. I apparently never realised it would take over 6 years for my chance to come.

Oh, there have been so many near-miss opportunities over the years, like the flight back from our honeymoon to France where we would layover for 9 hours just outside New York City, but where if we could have just layed over for 10 hours then we could have gone into town and caught the WICKED matinee! Not to mention the 3 times that the traveling company was coming through during finals week or just the next week but where end-of-semester plans could not be adjusted to accomidate a night out of town to go see a show.

But the opportunity finally came. Thanks to my mom gifting me with a one month early birthday present!

Also thanks to some friends who were willing to devote their entire Saturday afternoon and evening to hang our with our boys,

And also lend me the coolest WICKED-green shoes ever to wear to the show!

(I only fell once!)


SUNRYZEZ said...

Yay! I heard it's a great show! Hope you enjoyed it!

Mama said...

I love the music. You are one lucky woman!
I love the green shoes.

Ashley said...

Although every member of my family knows the show by heart, and the touring company is headed this way in about 3 months, it isn't likely we'll make it due to the cost of taking all seven of us. Well, six of us, I don't think Conner would be allowed yet. But, unfortunately, we wouldn't be on speaking terms with the kiddos if we went without them.
Not to mention the fact that I've reached the "audition age limit" of 32 years, which really just makes me all pitiful and everything...
Glad you enjoyed it!

the Provident Woman said...

I'm super jealous. My sister went to see it and said it was AMAZING. Clint isn't into musicals. So you're one lucky gal. I'm glad you got to go though. And you looked so cute with the shoes.

b + j = calculus said...

love love love wicked! love your blog, love it all. i'm so adding you to my blog list!

Mindy said...

I'm so happy for you! What a great birthday present!


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