Wednesday, December 30, 2009


MISSING: One snow shovel. Black handle/Blue scoop. Last seen in our yard before vacation. Possible current locations: in the possession of one of our neighbors, or still in our yard somewhere, but buried under 12 inches of snow where we can't see it.
It would have been nice if we'd put it in our trunk before leaving on vacation. Then it might have been easier to get out car out of economy parking when we returned:

Without a shovel it took Jeremy about 15 minutes to rock the car back and forth out of the snow bank. (We had it easy though, we saw some cars in the lot with 4 feet of snow plowed up behind them!)

In reality getting OUT of the parking lot was easy, especially compared to getting INTO our driveway when we got home.

Our car spent the last two days parked lonely across the street. Annnd. . . It's possible that Owen cried last night when he saw our car still parked across the street. So we decided to go buy a new snow shovel this morning and hope that the other one will still show up.

And so it was that I --yes me-- proceeded to shovel out our driveway. Don't tell my doctor--or my parents for that matter, I don't think they'd be happy about my doing so. Oh, where was Jeremy?

Inside keeping his left hand elevated.

He nearly sliced through his finger last night while working on a model. We don't exactly have health insurance for him right now, so I'm trying to avoid a trip to urgent care. (Besides, it's his left hand--who needs it?)

Quick question for you medical-types out there: If we can get it to stop bleeding on our own it doesn't need stitches, right?

In his defense, he did complete the last quarter and deepest part of the driveway without my permission when I was napping this afternoon. So now we'll finally be able to park in our driveway.

I guess I'm still on dishes duty for the next week though. Typical "convenient" injuries.


aleatha said...

hey -call up the Moberlys. maybe they used the snow shovel on the days they fed the chickens.

the Provident Woman said...

Glad you guys made it back safely. I hope Jeremy's hand get better. And no more shoveling for you. If you need someone to do it, start training those boys of yours. They're never too young to start some good ol child labor.

Lynnie said...

You can use super glue to keep it closed and help it heal properly, and avoid infection-but keep it super clean too. Really, that's what super glue was invented for. Works on paper cuts to take the sting out too. Apply very thin line along cut. apply pressure on both sides to ensure approximation of wound, and be accurate or it'll heal funny. Bandage as normal.

Anonymous said...

Stitches only prevent scarring, and they don't really do that, so the super glue idea is good. I do have to protest your snow shoveling, however. That's what home teachers are for! Nonny


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