Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twenty Weeks

I've reached the half-way point in my pregnancy. The last month and a half I've been feeling really good--working on projects and finally getting to the massive pile of laundry that I didn't fold for two and a half months.

The last month has also included getting used to the news that this baby will be a boy. Our mid-point ultrasound today confirmed that he is still definitely a boy.

It's been interesting sharing the news with people--I've felt a little conspicuous in my delivery. If it had been a girl then there would have been excitement inherent in that news. But as he is a boy I'm insecure about what the emotion is that I convey when giving the news. I'm excited to tell people the gender, but the gender itself is more like an almost sarcastic. "Yeah, can you believe it?"

But I don't want people to judge me, thinking that I don't appreciate my blessing of the ability to bear another child. It's just that having a girl would have included feeling a bit of superficial excitement over the novelty (something people could see and appreciate), but my feelings towards having a boy are more of an internal pondering (something people can't see, and therefore don't know it's there).

Internally, the news has been like getting a piece of a puzzle. It's interesting. The puzzle piece is interesting to look at, it is interesting to see where it fits in the picture of my family. And what it does is give me a better idea of what the picture of my whole family looks like. It gives me this hazy look into my future, my future of boys.

I have boys. I will now have three boys. That tells me things about the types of family activities we will do, the types of laundry I'll be doing, the type of Halloween costumes I'll be making, the type of ruckus I'll be privy to.

I don't know yet exactly how this baby will fit into the family--what his temperament will be, how his personality will develop, how he'll interact with his brothers--but those answers will come, in time, after he is born.

Meanwhile I enjoy this time I have to ponder over the possibilities, and feel like I know a little more about what our family will be when this little one comes to join us.


Anonymous said...

Arrrgh, his "face" shot looks like a one-eyed pirate. :) His little foot looks precious! How fun! Number 8 grandchild!! Nonny

Jenn said...

I've not visited here in awhile, but CONGRATULATIONS (hey, I'm a little late on that one, right?) ;)

I understand how you feel about "worrying" what others think of your reaction to the gender. I have high hopes that our next baby will be a girl, but really, when the time comes, we will be happy no matter what =).

I'd say don't worry too much about others. Glad things are going well =)

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

This is my first visit here-saw you on Provident Woman's blogroll.
Congrats on your pregnancy. 3 boys . . . you will have your hands full! You look great. I have two girls (5 and 6) and two boys (2 and 1).

Wayland said...

You tell the news with great excitement, it's other people's reaction, like me, who know how much you guys want a girl, that make your reaction a "yeah, can you believe it" sort. :) You have that wonderful pregnancy glow that I wished I had while I was pregnant.

SUNRYZEZ said...

You look GREAT for 20 weeks pg! Dont worry about others are a great mom and every1 knows it..when your new lil man is here you will know exactly where he fits into the puzzle =)


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