Monday, January 11, 2010

Potty Time

I thought once Owen was "toilet trained" our potty duties as parents would be over.

However, Owen is a social person by nature, and often wants someone to come be with him while he uses the restroom.

So our services are still required.

And Owen knows how to work the parental guilt thing to his advantage to get what he wants. This was what we heard being called from the restroom the other day:
Can someone come sit by me?!

Because I'm so (y)lonely!

And when kids are (y)lonely they need someone to come sit by them! Will someone come sit by me?!

(And one day he will use the parental guilt against me again to get back at me for ever posting this story!)

1 comment:

Brian's Wife said...

E is the same way and it drives Brian NUTS!!! I think I will just not mention to him that it may last a little bit longer ;-). Kids are funny sometimes!


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