Friday, March 26, 2010

Bilateral Myringotomy with Tube Placement and Andoidectomy

Oh poor little buddy. It's hard to watch you go through this. . . again.

Daddy says he's sorry he put your ID anklet on.

We know you hated it. But we didn't want to loose you!

I'm glad I thought about bringing toys and books to keep you occupied.

Sometimes I do things right as a mom.

Get Well Soon!


Brian's Wife said...

Poor little guy. We did not realize he was having the surgery until your mom called and told us everything had gone well. We are definitely praying for a speedy recovery, and better results this go around. Give Jonas hugs and extra love from us down here in the desert!

Emily said...

Poor cute Jonas. I hope he gets better fast after his surgery!

Anonymous said...

Aww, he looks troubled. :( Glad everything went well, and YES, you are a good Mom and do LOTS of things right--like taking advantage of modern medicine to improve your child's quality of life. I grieve over NOT being proactive sometimes when I was raising kids and waiting for things to improve on their own, thus resulting in scarred legs on my pretty ballerina! Nonny

Anonymous said...

...and when I googled your heading to read more, it brought up (in addition to your blog!) a study done by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, thus proving my point that there is a real threat of complications when you don't treat the symptoms Jonas' has suffered. So rest easy, good Mommy!

Lynnie said...

you can do it! It's a super routine surgery, and he'll feel awesome in about 3 days. Lots of frozen good stuff and liquids and NO NOSE BLOWING. What more could a little boy ask for? (Don't be afraid to give the pain meds early, otherwise you won't get them down cuz it hurts too much.)

Love ya!

Mama said...

The hardest part with children having surgery is getting them to slow down. They only know one speed, FAST!!!!!!!!!
Gpa and I were relieved to know the surgery went well.


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