Monday, March 22, 2010

SteamPatricks Day

Jeremy decided that St. Patrick's Day would be a lot cooler if we morphed it into an official steampunk holiday.

The first order of business was a change in the name, obviously, to SteamPatrick's Day.

The traditional (and not so traditional) foods for the occasion glide seamlessly into the new holiday. Jeremy prepared the corned beef and cabbage, along with some more vegetables. Owen and I made clover leaf (shamrock) rolls, and a formed green gelatin dessert. Then of course we had our favorite Virgil's micro-brewed Root Beer.

The table was set with our not-so-formal Corningware (one day I'll have a full set of china), glass champagne flutes, and lit by two oil lamps.

We then retired with our lamps to the sitting room to discuss the establishment the Society for the Appreciation of Victorian Steam-age Culture. We compared which aspects of steampunk we we drawn to, examples of good steampunk media we had come across, and looked up aliases on the Steampunk Name Generator.

Owen thought the whole thing was great. Although the fake mustache he begged for wasn't quite as comfortable or fun as he thought it would be.

"Get it off me!"

We declare that the first annual SteamPatricks Day Celebration was a success. Care to join us next year?


Emily said...

Hi Jeanette! I found your blog and was excited to see the pictures from Saturday. It was so much fun and I left so much more educated about all things steampunk. Thanks for inviting us! Next time we will be more appropriately dressed.

Anonymous said...

OK, Owen, you crack me up!! LOL!! Wish we could come. I have an idea for Jeremy.....hmmmm.....Nonny


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