Friday, March 19, 2010


So, I'm almost 35 weeks pregnant. I feel like I am quickly reaching and surpassing that point in my pregnancy where people go from saying, "Oh, cute!" to "Oh. . . wow. . ."

See, I just have this belly, and it just sticks out in front of me. For the most part I can walk around and do everything totally normal (I only waddle when I really need to use the restroom) but everything I do is starting to fall into the "looking totally ridiculous" stage, simply because of the size of my belly. I can no longer hide it behind a coat or purse.

This is the point where I start feeling all self-conscious about my belly and start wondering if I should begin selling tickets to see the walking freak show!

$5 to watch me try and get in or out of our car

$7 to watch me climb up or down the stairs at church in heels, $3 extra if I'm carrying a child while doing so


Ali and Jay said...

you don't look like a freak in a freak show. you look totally cute. at least you are still getting around ok. i go out these days and give me 30 minutes and i just want to die i am in so much pain. you look great!

Wayland said...

You get to look forward to comments like I got after I went back to work. "I thought I was giant when I was pregnant, but you were huge!!!" Someone actually said that to me.

Mindy said...

I totally understand when you get to that point. I always thought, "They never use pregnant models for maternity clothes at this advanced stage of pregnancy!" But you are still skinny and look healthy so there is no worries. I always feel really sorry for girls who have the very big tummy but have also gained a lot of weight and look like every second of life is a burden!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until the "calf" arrives!! :) Nonny


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