Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grand Finale

This quiet book project I started back in November, is--like the couch--not quite finished yet. But I decided I was just going to get it to a usable point and then put it aside the rest until I have more time again, but meanwhile the boys can play with what I have completed.

I have to say I have really enjoyed working on this project. One of the things about having boys is there are not as many "projects" for me to do for them. Crafty moms of little girls have all sorts of projects they do for their daughters: hair bows, hair clips, headbands, baby legs, beaded jewelry and binky clips, and the list goes on and on.

There is not as much of that for baby boys. But I like working on projects and having some fun crafty thing going on, and I feel bad if I only ever spend my free time making "girly" projects for myself that the rest of my family can't really enjoy.

So I really enjoyed my ability in this project to do some really "boy oriented" pages. So here are my eight (four front and back) completed pages of the boys' quiet book.

Here's my Finding Nemo inspired page. The fish are hiding down in the pocket in the sand.

And everyone out to play.

A happy barn and hayloft.

With some friends hidden inside.

The mailbox can hide special notes--or maybe treats!

The robot is my pride and joy. He has "boingy" arms and legs.

I really love the rocket too. It can fly back and forth from earth to the moon along the pipe cleaner.

Jonas loves pulling off the receiver to talk. "uyo?"

The flowers all come out of the vase. And don't say that boys can't like flowers. . . Jeremy might come beat you up.

Here's the camping trip on a starry night. Just watch out for. . .

Bears stealing your marshmallows! (Owen chose the beads for the eyes.)

Based on some research on the internet I decided to bind the book with large eyelets and book rings. First of all this is very sturdy. (Did I mention this was for my boys?) But also this way people said when you are at church you can open the rings and pass a page to each kid and then they can trade. Sounds like a great idea!

Obviously there is no cover yet. I'm thinking of doing one out of vinyl with a set of eyelets to secure it to the rest and a velcro tab to hold it closed. But. . . we'll just wait and see when that happens!


Anna and Stephen said...

Wow! It turned out so wonderful! I love all the pages, but especially the finger puppets and the tent! Way to go, your boys will treasure this for a long time.

Tyler M. said...

I think we had something similar to this when we were little!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the bear in the tent!! You are so clever!! Nonny


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