Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nine Months

Today Jeremy had an eye appointment. (We're finally getting him some new glasses since his frames have been broken, coincidentally, for nine months.) While we were there one of the women helping him asked me when I was due.

"Three weeks," I told her. "Well, two and a half."

"You're not that big, " she said to me.

"Well, I feel uncomfortable enough," I replied with a chuckle.

This is one of my amusements, or should I say annoyances at this stage in pregnancy: the people who tell me I'm not that big.

It's all relative. Did you see me before I was pregnant? I wasn't that big then either. But now I am this big, and this big is way bigger than that big.

Also, I do gain the recommended amount of weight--it's not like I'm trying to avoid gaining weight or something-- so I'm just curious if people think I should be gaining a billion pounds just because I am pregnant.

Finally, my babies come out on the bigger side of average, so although I may not look that big I have a full-sized baby in there. So along with that, although I may not look as big as some pregnant women I still have just as much discomfort!

So that's what it comes down to I guess--I want people to coddle my emotions because I'm uncomfortable all day and can't sleep at night, even though I "don't look that big!"

Speaking of coddling, I invited a friend and her kids over to play on Friday. Owen had been begging me. While she was over she gave me an unsolicited pedicure!

Now that's a friend!

And she even said that If I haven't had my baby in three weeks that she'd come back and give me another one. I may hold out, just for the pedicure!

In my final news bite of my 10th lunar month of pregnancy, we had another sonogram done last week.

And apparently because she was feeling generous that day, the sonographer flipped it over to 4D for us.

Amazing, really.

We're so far along that really, this is what our baby will look like when he comes out. He's all there, chubby cheeks and all.

We honestly are feeling a bit spoiled by all the times we've been able to see our baby this pregnancy. But then it kind of feels like compensation, too, for some of the difficult circumstances surrounding this pregnancy--some which I've mentioned here, and some which I haven't.

In the end we a grateful for these sneak peeks we've had and grateful that we have come to this point with a happy, healthy baby growing inside.

"Hey Mr. Pouty, if you've got a preference on your name for this earth life, speak now or prepare to live with whatever Mom and Dad pick out of a hat!"


Mama said...

Good friends are hard to find. I am glad you one! I love the 4D pictures! Isn't technology amazing?
I am sorry you are miserable. Hang in there for a few weeks. We are praying for you.
Love you all!!!

Anonymous said...

I think in your picture, your face looks like you're pregnant, i.e., a little puffy-ish. I can tell there's some extra baby weight going on there. And, yes, you DO look that big! And there is no prize for LOOKING that big, so no worries if you don't. You'd feel worse if people told you that you look like you're carrying a huge monster because you look so "ginormous" (Mr. C's favorite word.) Hang in there--remember, Nonny's coming!!

Emily & Brannick Adams said...

Will it make you feel better if I think you look HUGE! Are you sure there is only one baby in that big ole' belly? You're almost too big for the maternity shirt! I'm so excited for you to be almost done, and to be able to watch lots of cable tv in the hospital. Can't wait to see pictures of you're chubby cheeked little boy!

Mindy said...

Don't worry, I think you look that big. But maybe people say that because you're not overweight looking and don't walk around looking like you're in pain. I feel sad for the women who do look and feel like that. So I guess it really is a complement.
Good luck with the last stretch--you're almost done!


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