Thursday, April 29, 2010


We had some pots on the front porch that needed attention.

Jeremy bought some plants this morning and the whole family, minus sleeping baby, went outside to do some potting.

Ok, so we did have to bribe Owen with a "yardwork" sticker for the Wii chart, but it's just that initial getting him out the door that's tough. Then he'll stay out forever having a great time.

I worked hard keeping Jonas from "dead-heading" our new flowers.

Everyone is even dressed in green, how appropriate.

A good little helper.

And only momentarily distracted by the potato bug he found crawling around.

I love having flowers at my front door. Every time you pull up into your driveway, there they are, bright and cheerful, welcoming you home. And it only gets better. By the end of the summer the flowers will have filled in and be spilling out of their pots.

An afternoon of work well worth it.

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