Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Unfinished Business

I started "nesting" about a week ago. Yeah, the first day or two I was really freaking Jeremy out. (He's got some serious schoolwork he's trying to get done before the baby arrives. )

But I had made these lists of projects that I wanted to get done, some because they are needful before the baby arrives--like setting up his crib--but others because I don't know If I'll ever finish them after the baby arrives.

One of these projects is my couch. I went out and bought fabric to recover it, worked on it for two days (and got some good things done), but then set it aside for 8 months without touching it again. I put some serious work-time into it this last week and got a bit of help from Jeremy taking the frame off the bottom.

And now its. . . almost done. It's looking finished, it's stapled under all the way around the edge, but it's actually not quite done. If you pick up the couch cushions, you'd see a bunch of raw edges that I still need to staple down and sew down and whatever else I'm going to do. It was by far my most ambitious project, and I feel good about it being almost done.

My next project was recovering Jonas' car seat. Owen used the seat for three years. Then I made a new cover for Jonas to start using it. I made the cover with limited fabric remnants so I had some constraints and made some mistakes. After two years it's ready to be recovered.

I have this fun baby safari animal fabric that my mom got me from my brother's mission in South Africa. I improved some mistakes I made last time and I think overall it turned out pretty well.
I worked on it Friday evening and Saturday morning while taking a break from the stressful couch.

On Sunday Owen came in to me where I was napping and said. "When I am all done playing Lego Star Wars you need to come out and fix the chair, because it has a rip in it and you need to sew it up."

That made me really happy, just to know that Owen recognizes the way that I am trying to sew and be industrious for my family. And his first reaction is to say not "This is ripped we need a new one," but "This is ripped, Mommy needs to fix it with her sewing machine."

Recovering the chair actually didn't involve the sewing machine, but a staple gun, and it took only like 20 minutes. We'd already recovered it before in fabric that matched the curtains my sister made me for my birthday a few years ago. Luckily she had sent me the two large scraps of fabric she had left over, so I could recover the chair. We used the bigger one last time, but the smaller one was still enough fabric for me to use to recover it again.

That project had not been on my list of things to do before the baby came, but it was a quick and satisfying project.

My last project I finished up (to the extent I am going to) last night. It's the quiet book (see the next post). The good thing is that with all these projects done, I can now put away my sewing machine for the time being and move the craft table back out of my living room. It was convenient to have it out so I could just work when I had free time, but I'm ready for the room to feel less cluttered again.

Hooray for feeling better about the baby coming, instead of feeling like he's coming in the middle of my house being a complete torn apart mess!


aleatha said...

Wow! I am really impressed, especially with the couch -that is a LOT of work!

Ali and Jay said...

You are seriously so talented. Your couch looks GREAT. I love the fabric.

Melissa said...

The couch looks great! It is nice to see your little family is doing well.

Anna and Stephen said...

I love the way the couch turned out- you are doing so many wonderful things, way to be awesome!

Mindy said...

Very good job to all!

Mama said...

WOW! Good job on all projects! You do great and amazing work!

Emily said...

I love the fabric you picked for your couch! It is so cute! I can't believe you did this all by yourself. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

All those sewing lessons paid off!! (At least for ONE of my daughters.) J/K -- Evy and I had fun making Ainsley's tutu. The couch really does look fabulous, and I think you are amazing for figuring out how to do it. You will enjoy it for years to come!! I'm glad you have it, because I'm wondering if I can fit the other couch in the back of the van--if I did, I may have to take out the two captain's chairs, which I think you're going to want. :) Nonny


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