Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I tried, really hard.

I've been daydreaming and making lots of plans. I've been l0oking into all the fun things that we can do this summer, all the opportunities we'll have. "It'll be different this year," I promised myself. But it's no use.

Two miserably humid days into summer. . . And ten mosquito bites on my poor itchy baby later. . . and it's official:

I hate you Kansas.


Anna and Stephen said...

Sad. The funny thing is that I haven't even seen a mosquito yet this year. So maybe for the next little while, you guys should just come play over by Jardine. Even though you hate Kansas, I'm excited to do fun things with you this summer. We can make a fun list together! :)
And at least Jonas doesn't look 100% miserable in the picture...

Christi said...

Ahh...poor guy! Mosquitos are the worst. I hope his poor legs heal quickly.

Mama said...

I read that mosquitos and insects hate lavender, bees love it. Maybe Gma should create some insect repellent bags to clip on pant pockets or shove in pockets. It's worth a try.
If it is any consolation, I hate Kansas, but for a different reason. It is too far away!

Aleatha Shannon said...

yeah, I've heard lavender oil rubbed onto the skin is a good mosquito repellent. Never tried it, though. Mosquitos and chiggers are the worst. When I first moved to Utah it was SO EXCITING to be able to just lie on the grass without worry. But I did miss the fireflies!

Anonymous said...



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