Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brotherly Love

Wyatt is lucky to have been born into a family with two older brothers waiting for him.

They are very excited to have him around.

They're learning to be really great helpers. Fetching diapers and binkies. And they always come running in concern when they hear Wyatt cry.

Jonas is the most aggressively possessive of the baby.

He was pretty concerned about that big ugly stumpy thing on Wyatt's belly. So two days after we got home, he did him a favor, and pulled it off.

Yes, really.

And I let out the gasp heard round the world! He was in my lap at the time, Jonas just works fast.

But you know, two weeks later Wyatt has healed up just fine, he's got a really cute looking belly button, and I see no long-term negative effects of the "premature stump removal" by Dr. Jonas.

If only I could promise Wyatt that nothing like this would ever happen again, but as I watch Owen and Jonas wrestle on the living room floor, I think it's an unrealistic goal.

Wyatt, I think you and your brothers will end up causing each other quite a lot of physical pain throughout your lives. But, although I will never as a female understand it, I think it is all in the name of "brotherly" love.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Wyatt's legs look chunky already!! I'm sure he's changing every day. I'll be back soon to see you again, sweet baby!! Nonny PS--And after THREE boys, the little sister will also get her share of physical pain such as 'twaps', 'frogs', 'noogies', etc., every time her brothers pass by. I can attest!!

Lynnie said...

#1) I gasped too.
#2) That IS a very nice belly button.
#3) I didn't know you have Colonia Juarez anscestry. I'm completely in love with that place. I went last year and dream about it all the time.

Ali and Jay said...

That Wyatt is a cute boy. I hope being a mom of 3 is going well. It's certainly and adjustment. It's fun having big kids around though to help out.

Tyler M. said...

You will have to ask Jeremy specifically about the brotherly love I received from my older brother:

1. electric fence and my face in the mud
2. Trampoline and my clothes hanging in the tree

Mindy said...

Wyatt is REALLY cute. His cheeks are so big! I'm really happy the boys are so sweet and helpful. I remember my mom saying she was glad to have older kids to help out and would assign us, even when we were young, to "play with the baby" sometimes so she could get chores done.
Funny about the belly button stump. Jonas must work fast! And Wyatt's belly b is very cute.

Mama said...

Oh, brotherly love!! I wish I were there to hug all those cute cheeks!

Anna and Stephen said...

I also gasped outloud when I was reading this! I'm glad everything was ok! Love the sweet pictures, keep 'em coming!


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