Monday, May 24, 2010


In searching for a potential spouse we all look for someone with the "right" combination of characteristics. I don't just mean finding the guy that has the most checkmarks on the "Man of my dreams" list. (Has a good sense of humor--check.) I also mean the person who doesn't have very many checkmarks on the "Things I couldn't stand to live with" list.

I could not be married to a sports nut. I would rather poke my eyes out than sit down and watch an entire game of football on TV, let alone a season's worth of games for each of my husband's six "favorite" teams. (Don't blacklist me from your Superbowl party or anything, if there's good food and good company--I'll be there. Also, "live" sporting events also fall into a totally different category.)

But everyone has to have a hobby. I married Jeremy knowing that he liked video games. I wouldn't go so far as to call him a "gamer," but that was a hobby of his that I knowingly accepted as something I was willing to work around, es specially if that meant that our home, for the most part, was going to be NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB-free.

Video games haven't had a prominent place in our marriage. Video games were probably most visible in our life the first 4 or so months of Owen's life. Jeremy would play in the evenings while I sat on the couch performing my never ending nursing duties. And to this day Jeremy's big advice to first-time Dads is to get a gaming system--He claims it's the only thing that helped him keep his sanity when he'd take his turns being up in the middle of the night with the baby.

We didn't bring a system out here with us for grad school, and we've developed a generally anti-technology reputation in Jeremy's program. But based on our history I've always figured that we'd end up with a game system again.

And so we have.

We did it. After 10 weeks we "earned" our Wii. Owen couldn't be any more excited about finally getting to "play some wiis." Who knows, maybe he can still remember those early months playing Prince of Persia with his dad, and he's been waiting all these years to finally get his hands on a controller of his own.


Wayland said...

Clint and I are so lucky to have you guys as friends. We have so much in common and I too have no idea how women deal with sports fanatics, and I am eternally thankful that Clint isn't one of them. :) Jeremy actually told Clint to sit with Clark and play the Wii. Well, never happened because Clint always required too much sleep due to school and the DVR won me over for the middle of the night nursing sessions. :) I think I've od'ed on Property Virgins and House Hunters.
Congratulations on your hard work as a family and I bet it feels really good knowing that you earned it. :)

Aleatha Shannon said...

I always said growing up that I would marry a man who isn't obsessed with sports. My dad said it was impossible! But I found one. :D I'm glad you found one too!
The things I hate about sports are the TV being on so often, and the anxiety/anger that some people express when the game isn't going right. Oh, and so many "important" games are on Sunday. I think I would shrivel up and die if ESPN were on in my house every Sunday. Ugh!

We have a PS2 that Samuel plays when I'm not home, lol. Looks like the boys are having fun with the Wii :D

Kara Lyn said...

What is your take on the World Cup? You know it starts on June 11th and goes for one whole month. I know Jerm likes soccer. Congrats on the Wii, that is very exciting for your boys. You should get Wii Resort, Owen would love it and he could play tons of the games. We miss you all.

Mama said...

Yea Mario Cart!!! Why is no one sporting the safety wrist bands? Those wheels might go carreening right into the TV!

Tyler M. said...

Way to go guys! Way to earn yourself a fun present!


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