Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Also Like Granola

My sister recently traveled to Oregon with her husband while he interviewed for a few jobs. While attending church that Sunday she met some women whom she excitedly told me about, saying that one homebirths and homeschools and is all "natural" and she was just sure that she and I would be friends.

I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and about natural parenting in general, and I'm just not sure I'll ever fit in. it just seems that a lot of natural moms I've come across seem to have have a list of lifestyle choices they deem appropriate, and if you don't subscribe to each and every one of those, then you aren't invited into the club.

I'm not looking to label myself or anything, it's just that I'd like to be able to have friends who I can talk to about topics that interest me, like canning or raising chickens. And maybe, sometimes even do those things together!

The problem is when I come across other people that are as off the beaten track as Jeremy and I, that they are actually in a completely different country. As in: "Do you vaccinate your children? --Yes?-- Visa denied!" Or "Do you plan on homeschooling all your children K-12? --No?-- Passport not accepted, go back to your own country--you don't belong here."

Isn't there anyone who will meet me halfway? Isn't there anyone who wants to come sew reusable ziploc bags with me on the weekend, who won't judge me for using shampoo on my hair?

If so. . .you know where to find me.


aleatha said...

lol I know exactly what you mean. I think I'm pretty crunchy, but seems like an official title to some people, complete with a list of requirements.

I fed Abraham rice cereal at 6 months. How awful! And he sleeps in his own crib now, because I decided it was time, instead of letting him co-sleep until he begged me for his own bed. He's vaccinated -no big deal. And the biggest, dark, dirty secret? Abraham is circumcised. Not because we think it is better that way, but because it was important to Samuel to honor his Jewish heritage. His name is Abraham, for crying out loud :D

So I'll join your club. Although I occasionally go without shampoo. :D

JosephJ said...

I think people find comfort in having a label to wear, and especially if it revolves around something they get excited about. Getting excited about something makes people want to hang around and share their experiences with others, growing the fan-club. Unfortunately with labels comes some attitude of exclusivity (or at least "judging" who should wear the label).

As for me, I've been the odd man all my life, so I can't really wear anyone else's label, unless they have one called "odd man." I enjoy woodworking, computer geeking, canning, sewing, the apple harvest, and gardening. I acquired children via adoption and home-birth. I go to the doctor (not always trusting motives, though) and vaccinate, and think so-so public schools can be very successful with parental involvement. I think fresh food tastes better than packaged, but think much of the organic/foodie craze is arrogance.

Non-committal? Perhaps. But who says we should try to wear labels anyway?

Melissa said...

I love the previous comments. I bet you have many who mesh with your own eclectic tastes. I agree that at times some groups can be pretty judgmental and exclusive. I try to remember, that this is their issue not mine. But I have always hated being part of any club.

SUNRYZEZ said...

I wish we lived closer, Id join your club =)

Mindy said...

Oh, haha! This is what I think: it is important to be yourself, and no person who is completely and honestly "theirself" will ever fit neatly and perfectly into one stereotype; they will be a unique mish-mash. Period. It's too bad that to be friends with some people you have to be just like them. I met a girl once who basically said Tyler and I could hang out with her "group" until we had two kids then we probably had better move on to the "appropriate" group for that. Whatever happened to "We're friends just because get along and enjoy each other's company"?

Anonymous said...

I accept complete responsibility for raising you as a responsible, your-own-decision-making adult, who makes decisions based on personal preferences and choices rather than faddish or social-pressured issues. (Although Gigi raised me to do the same!) You study the world around you and choose your responses based on true principles and spiritual guidance. You teach me by your good example. You go girl! Nonny


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