Monday, May 3, 2010

Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping Arrangement #1 Both boys on the floor behind the door, blocking adult entry.

Sleeping Arrangement #2 Both boys asleep on the floor with every single book and toy pulled down from the shelves around them.

Sleeping Arrangement #3 Sleep, what sleep? Both boys awake yelling to the neighbors. This is what happens when it's too hot to keep the windows shut at night.

After two months we've decided to try something new. So we've put the big boys back into the small nursery with NO TOYS!!!

We bought Jonas a toddler bed on Craigslist, and we're still deciding on a permanent bed for Owen.

I don't know that the boys are getting to bed any easier with the new arrangement, but I know there's a lot less of a mess for ME to clean up in the morning!

And baby Wyatt? He's sleeping just fine.

1 comment:

aleatha said...

your little ones are sooooo adorable!!!


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