Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birds of a Feather

It's not uncommon for some of our best friends, to be people that we are completely different from. My mother has told me that this pretty much sums up her life experience as well.

This weekend we said goodbye to our long-time friends, the Waylands. Clint and Jen moved into town the week before we did four long summers ago. They lived only two blocks away from our appartment. And they were here for schooling, just like us. We met them at Church.

Someone asked me once a year or two ago, why we were such good friends --particularly Jen and I-- and I said I didn't know. We are very different. It's hard to see how such a great friendship could develop when horseback riding and Anime don't mesh very well in casual conversation. So I've devoted some thought to this question as their moving date was approaching.

And I actually came up with an answer: Entertaining.

Not that they were entertaining (though they are), but they believed in entertaining--just like we do.

The Waylands were the ones that would have us over for Sunday dinner, and then We'd have them over for Sunday dinner. Then they'd have us over for a BYOFruits juicing party. And We'd have them over for a "game night" where we'd never actually get around to playing games because we'd be doing things like looking up VW commercials on YouTube. We enjoyed many a rootbeer together, occasionally with ice cream in a cup, and finally settled on our favorite brand of micro-brewed, pure cane sugar-touting Virgil's.

Then we had Jonas, and with the two boys it became easier to meet just at our house. That way we could put the boys to bed and not have to worry about them. And the Waylands obliged, still bravely returning the invitation every once in a while on a Sunday afternoon.

Jeremy and I both love entertaining. It's sad that a lot of people don't do it as much these days. I don't know if they think their house is too small, or messy, or if they think their kids wouldn't behave, or if they think they don't have any good food in the house. We've definitely fit each of those characteristics at one time or another, but we're greatful the Waylands were able to look past all of that. We would have missed out on a lot of great times. And a really great friendship.

We'll miss you guys.

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Wayland said...

AWWEEE. We REALLY miss you guys too! I thought of you first when the stuck up lady told me that she bought her books on Amazon. I guess I haven't really thought about why were are such good friends, just that I am ALWAY thankful to consider you our best friends and very thankful that we could call each other up and say, "Hey, let's hang out!" and 5 minutes later we were visiting. No pre-made plans of any sort. Can't wait to see you again in July if you guys aren't too busy with the family. I think we should work on getting Jeremy a job in CA so we can be together again and show others how to truely entertain. :)


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