Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How Does Your Garden?

We got a late start on our garden this year. I had the baby as Kansas reached it's annual last frost date. So we definitely didn't get out much those first few weeks of prime gardening season, but we've been trying hard to play catch up since then.

We revamped the chicken coop and run early this spring. We let the chickens roam the whole yard over the winter, but as soon as spring hit they were eating up any green thing that dared pop out of the ground. So, we fenced in a corner of the yard--that way they could have more open space than last year, but the plant life in the rest of the yard could be safe.

They were really mad at us for fencing them in, but they're getting over it.

The back yard is starting to make real progress. We've planted potatoes, peas, two kinds of onions, and beets.
We're starting to see our first successes in our little garden. We gave the first of the peas to the boys. We want to keep them excited about the family garden.

But really, what's not to love about digging in the dirt?

They are boys afterall.


Mama said...

Digging in the dirt is the best! It is so wet in Oregon; our garden is mud.
The yard looks great.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Harvesting already!! I picked two green peppers from my garden, but now it's 100° here, so maybe everything else will burn up. Your garden looks great--chalk up one GOOD thing about Kansas. :) Nonny


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