Thursday, June 17, 2010

Movin' Up

We took one trip as a whole family in the Accord. One really cramped trip home from the hospital.

Technically the Accord fits our whole family, but practically it wasn't such a winning combination. So it was time to say "Goodbye" to Britney.

Last week we sold her to a young man who needed a "beater" to drive to work.

Really? When did Britney attain beater status? Sure, we've driven her for 14 years, but I always felt I was riding in style.

Oh well, she needed to be replaced with something with more room, so we got our all-American (though technically Japanese) minivan.

It has plenty of room for 2 adults and 3+ little boys. There's storage compartments and cupholders and even a CD player that won't hold CDs for randsom for undetermined amounts of time.

Oh and as for the color? Well, my sister-in-law tells me the factory name is something like "mocha metallic," but that's not very helpful to our debate--so let's just consult the cop that pulled me over during my first week driving it.

Well there you have it. I guess our new car is tan, although I still hold out that our old. . . well never mind.

And for the record Just because your new vehicle has an "all the time" illuminated dashboard does not mean that your car has "all the time" turned on headlights. Yes, I can see how that might confuse you because your dash was only illuminated in your last car when your headlights were turned on.

And for the second record. . . I'm sure I would have noticed my headlights weren't turned on once it got just a little bit darker.


Ali and Jay said...

I am SO jealous. I want a minivan so bad. We have the 3 kids all smooshed in the back of our Toyota Camry. We just can't manage a car payment right now. You are a lucky girl. I have to laugh at myself though because I never envisioned myself longing to own a minivan. Oh the ways motherhood can change one. :)

Anna and Stephen said...

It almost looks like your car is "ten" rather than "tan." You can create your own color of "ten."

Does the minivan have a name yet?

Wayland said...

2 words: swagger wagon! :)

Emily & Brannick Adams said...

So sad to see the Accord go, we had lots of good times in that car! Remember when we hit the coyote driving down Sumter? How exciting though to have a minivan, I think you have crossed the final thresh hold into adulthood!

the Provident Woman said...

I want a minivan so bad.
I never thought those words would flow through my head. But there you have it. I now have van envy.

Mindy said...

Nice van! I'm really happy for you guys to have that, I bet's it's nice. We're luckily still a few years away from that child 3 that spells a bigger car so we can start saving now. Literally, I'm not kidding, we're going to start saving now!
I can't believe you got a ticket for such a lame thing! The cop must have been low on some sort of quota to give a sweet young mommy in a car she is just new to driving a ticket for having lights off at dusk. What happened to warnings? Nice.


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