Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dangers of Sleeping Late

Two days ago--approximately 9am.

Owen runs into my bedroom where I am still lying in bed(world's best mom) and says to me excitedly:

"Mom! Today is the day my new bunk bed is going be delivered!"

Me-groggily with forced enthusiasm: "Yeah sweetie isn't that exciting?"

Owen: "Yeah, but first they need to talk to you on the phone."

Me: "WHAT?!"

Quickly realizing what I must have slept through, I unlatch the baby, jump out of bed and run to the nearest phone and pick it up ("Hello?") to hear: BEEEP BEE BEEEEEEEP!

"Jonas quit pushing buttons!" I call, but realizing that there's no way he will actually obey such a long-distance command--I run to the other room and pull the phone from his hand.

"Sorry!" I gasp into the reciever.

"No," responds the laughing female voice on the phone. "I'm just glad they actually got you!"


So that's what we live for around here--to provide entertainment for the lives of others.

Speaking of that bunk bed, however--does anyone know how I can remove warning stickers from wood without ruining the finish?


Aleatha Shannon said...

oh dear!

well, I would try peeling off as much of the sticker as possible, and then saturating the remaining bits with olive oil and rubbing it over and over until it rubs off. If it's the papery kind of sticker I have in mind, that should work.

That's yet another trick I learned while working at the costume shop :D

Jeanette said...

That actually sound like it would work. Thanks!

Ali and Jay said...

That story made me laugh. You probably totally made that girls day.

Emily said...

I love this story! You're boys are so cute!

Laura said...

Goo Gone....That's about my only suggestion.

Anonymous said...

ROTFLOL!! I can just see those boys and the phone. Ha, ha!! The bed looks GREAT!!


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