Thursday, July 29, 2010


On our vacation Jeremy was sporting a new straw hat. He was reading a blog he likes (all about how to be a classy guy--from manly hobbies to explore to what kind of flower to wear on your lapel--no really, it's good stuff) and saw A Man's Guide to Summer Dress that sang the benefits of a good straw hat.

And so we got him one. And it looked great with casual clothes.

And on the beach with a swimsuit.

And dressed up for church.

He looked good and got lots of compliments.

My younger brother wore it for 10 minutes while Jeremy sat in the sand with a water bottle on top of his head while we all took turns running out to the ocean with a Dixie cup to bring back water to fill up the bottle. (Yes it was that kind of family reunion.) (Yes, you should be jealous.) So as I watched my brother running in with his Dixi cup, wearing Jeremy's hat, I thought: He sure looks dapper!

He looked classy. Why don't guys wear anything but baseball hats these days?

Jeremy actually has quite the hat collection-- including his beloved bowler. I've always maintained that Jeremy has more style sense than I do. I'm not the kind of wife who lays out my husband's clothes for him each morning. As it stands I probably should let him do a bit more of my clothes shopping. I'd trust him.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The smile you wear on your face is more important than the clothes on your back, and your smile is always in style.

Anna and Stephen said...

It's a great hat! I never would have guessed it to be so versatile, but it works great!

Also, I love O's face in the last family picture. :)

Tyler M. said...

Something to note, Jeremy's dad had a straw-like hat while we were growing up! It had a nice, comfy band to fit your head.


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