Thursday, July 22, 2010

How Did We Get Here?

Yesterday Jeremy and I read the introduction of this book together: Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture. It's a book about consuming less, increasing self-reliance, and building community. Its a book about men and women working together happily, as equal partners, in homemaking. It's a book about ditching the PhD and living on a farm instead.

Ha, ha! Just kidding Mom and Dad. . . sort of.

We have to actually read to book to see how much we agree with it's ideas, but still It makes me wonder. . . How did we get here? How did Jeremy and I together reach this point?

I wonder what there could have been in our lives 8 years ago that pointed to where we would be today. What about Anime points to ecology and sustainability? What about cleaning dishes in the Cannon Center points to fresh local food and grass-fed beef?

And I wonder. Is this place we are at today the place we each would have come to eventually on our own, or even (shudder) with a different partner? Or has this journey been one in which we have traveled only because we are together? Only because of the way we have contemplated and discussed our thoughts over the years, continuously but minutely changing and developing ideas through each conversation.

Harvesting rainwater, keeping chickens, home cheese-making, building playscapes out of logs in the backyard, scheming for a cargo bike, dreaming of hand-made furniture.

It's an interesting place where we are right now. And I wonder, even more strongly, where we will be 8 years from today.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I had a meeting with my Academic Adviser today and I am still on track for that PhD. And I asked one of my buddies if he would teach me how to weld.

Melissa said...

Speaking of home made furniture. I love this blog. maybe you have already heard of it, but this lady is awesome.

Aleatha Shannon said...

oo oo!! let me know what's in the book -i've had my eye on it for a while. just got a library card the other day, so i'm going to check it out soon, but i bet it will take a while to get.

Wayland said...

I know that my life would be COMPLETELY different if it wasn't for Clint. He has brought so much wonderfulness to my life and I am eternally thankful, so I am sure that you and Jeremy got to where you are together and you make a great team doing so. :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely you would NOT be in the same place if you hadn't gone there together. That's what marriage is. That's becoming one. That's why we get married--to become more together than we would have been separately. It's called "synergy". (You may remember a family home evening with one single stick, then a bunch of sticks.) And it doesn't even scare me when you say ditch the PhD and move to a farm. I was thinking of the World's Largest Ketchup Bottle and thinking that I probably wouldn't have gone there if your Dad wasn't willing or excited to go those places with me, and provided the income to make that possible. (There are probably lots of things your Dad would have done if he hadn't met me, but you'd be an orphan by now.) :) Mom


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