Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Our house is 1,024 square feet. With the 8 different areas and rooms it's divided into-- the rooms of our house are pretty small.

Because of this, all our furniture is all on the diminutive side. We have "love seats" instead of couches, Jeremy and I share a double bed (Yes, a double. Quite comfortably actually.) and our dining table that we bought from a President's Day Sale (because if there was any holiday that we were planning our wedding weekend to coincide with it would be the one honoring our late honorable presidents) is a mere 2-1/2 by 4 feet.

This furniture has all worked out wonderfully for us because we lived in apartments before this house and we've always needed to maximize limited space. With that thought in mind we finally decided --in upgrading Owen's sleeping arrangements-- to go with a nice set of twin bunk beds.

Today was delivery day and they called this morning to let us know that the headboard of the bottom bunk arrived damaged, but they could still deliver the top bunk if we wanted. Since we only plan on using one bunk for the next year or so anyway we told them to go ahead and deliver the lone bunk.

The workmen arrived and set it up:


It takes up the entire bedroom! And it doesn't even have the bottom bunk yet! I'm sure Owen can continue sleeping on a crib mattress until we can afford a bigger house. In 3 years. . . maybe 5?

He'll only be 10. . .


Brian's Wife said...

I totally feel your pain. I asked Brian the other day if it would really be that bad if Collin was in kindergarten and still slept on a toddler bed. Then he pointed out that the poor kids already hangs off the end of the bed...uhh...why do they have to get bigger...couldn't they just wait until Daddy had a "real" job!! Oh well...on a side note I really like the color and look of the bed you chose. I think we will be in the market for one in a few years once Luke gets a little older. Just a few more days until the beach...yippee...we can't wait to see you guys.

Sheffer's said...

I think my boys' room may be even smaller than your boys' room! We just upgraded to the big bunkbed this spring. It's ginormous. But, now they sleep much better! You get used to how big it is after a few weeks. ;)

Laura said...

I somewhat know what you mean when you talk about limited space. Of course, I don't have three little ones wondering around my apartment. I keep complaining to John that we have too much stuff and too little space. He then has to remind me that soon enough we will move and get a bigger place, then I will complain how little stuff we have. Darned apartment living.

We also got new bedroom stuff (I really wanted matching furniture) and it is a lot bigger than our old stuff. But...it's pretty and I keep telling myself that one day it will go in a nice big room.


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