Friday, July 23, 2010

Reunion-Top and Bottom

San Diego 2010 Top (and bottom) 10!

Wonderful- My Grandmother providing travel and accommodations for our whole family

Horrible- My sunburn (Legs only-- I kept three boys and my face and body sunburn-free all week I just forgot about my legs that first day. . . ouch!)

Awesome- The public reaction anytime we were together as a whole group: "How many of you are there?" (84) "And how many under the age of 5?" (Don't know--they won't stand still long enough for us to count)

Annoying- My brother Mark trying to convince our children that if they eat green things (celery, lettuce, or whatever) that trees will grow inside their body.

Invigorating- Haircut by my cousin--Hooray!

Embarrassing- Not ever finding time to paint my toenails for the beach--Oh well.

Appreciated- My dad taking the "early risers" to walk the beach every morning.

Tolerated- Sand in my bed (and on the floor, and in the diaper bag, and in our food, and in the cars, and. . .)

Cherished- Hanging out with my family in the Legoland parking lot after closing time, eating dinner and creating a jovial ruckus.

Tragic- One week not being nearly long enough to spend with them.

Bonus #11 is both at the top and bottom:

Frustrating--but Hilarious- Owen flat out refusing to put weight on his hurt ankle on our last day. We couldn't fight with him, we certainly couldn't carry him, and his ankle really was hurt. So he was carted happily around the airport in a wheelchair!

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Lynnie said...

hair cuts really are invigorating, aren't they?Good ones, anyway. I just got one too. :)


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