Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School Dinner

I can't help it--I'm a girl living in a house full of boys.

I have these wonderfully girly dreams and visions of things I'd love to do in our home with our little family

But something gives me the impression that my children don't share my vision.

Owen was simply annoyed that I wouldn't let him watch a movie while we got dinner ready, and why I wouldn't pour him any of our "special drink" while he was waiting, and what was taking so long with dinner anyways?

He didn't really care that the whole point was trying to make a special evening to celebrate him starting kindergarten.

Jeremy was in charge of dinner.  Steamed broccoli and cauliflower, garlic smashed potatoes and since it's cherry season we had pork chops with cherry-mustard sauce.

And a french cherry clafoutis.

Jonas enjoyed our family feast, though he was highly annoyed that he had to drink his "special drink" out of a regular glass instead of a "fancy" glass.

Even Owen got a fancy glass.  But it was his special dinner afterall. . .   Oh yeah, and Jeremy--he's going back to school again too.


Emily said...

I love that you had a super fancy dinner to celebrate school starting. (And I love that Jeremy made it). But what I really love is Owen's face in the first picture. I can totally read his thoughts at this moment. Hilarious! So, how was his first day?

Mama said...

Owen, Grandma and Grandpa love you! You have a fun mother and dad who make special occasions special. One day you will appreciate that. I am sorry your mother took your picture. I agree with Emily, I can read your thoughts. Hope your first day of kindergarten was wonderful.
I hope your mother made it through your first day of kindergarten. I worried more about her, than I did about you.
What exciting adventures wait for the family this school year??


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