Monday, August 9, 2010

Chocolate and Chuckles

When Jeremy and I were working on our undergraduate degrees in Utah we lived only 3 1/2 hours from Jeremy's grandparents in Idaho. We made the trip up to visit them quite a few times in those two years after we got married before we moved away.

I was proud of myself for being such a good granddaughter-in-law and joining right into the family. But really it was fun for me--I enjoyed going. And Jeremy's grandparents were always happy to see us.

Grandma Mae was almost always in the kitchen. Sometimes just sitting around the kitchen table chuckling at our stories and antics, but often cooking something. She baked bread, but would also use the dough for other things like scones. Her scones were what someone with my Arizona upbringing would call fry bread--but definitely delicious. Then she would make cheese bread, where she would have two rolled out layers of bread with a layer of cheese baked in the middle. Yum.

The best thing Grandma Mae made for special occasions was her chocolates. She made "Idaho Spuds"--these marshmallow blobs dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut so they vaguely resembled potatoes. She made fondant-rolled cherry chocolates, and one Christmas she made these cute little mice chocolates with sliced almond ears and pointy chocolate chip noses.

Grandma had made up all the chocolates before we all got there and stored them in this utility cupboard just outside the side door to the carport. That way they would stay nice and cool outside of the hot house, and out of the way since there were so many of them. However, grandma didn't realize that this made the chocolates highly accessible to hungry snacking relatives on their way in or our of the house. Every time we passed by that cupboard Jeremy would say, "Quick, let's grab a chocolate!" (And we weren't the only ones doing it.) So the night Grandma finally decided to pull out the chocolates to serve everyone she said, "I sure thought I'd made a few more than that!" But no one complained of any perceived lack of chocolate that evening, for we'd been enjoying Grandma's bounty all week long. And maybe Grandma was just humoring us and had known all along that we were sneaking chocolates, sitting at the kitchen table and letting out a little chuckle each time she heard the cupboard door squeak open and then closed again. 


Emily said...

Your grandma sounded like an amazing lady. I'm sorry for your loss.

Mama said...

What a sweet tribute to grandma. I wish there were chocolates to snack on while everyone is here. I showed Grandpa the post and he was very touched.


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