Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Had a Dream

See I had this idea. I had this wonderful romantic idea that if I ripped up the carpet in my house that there would be hardwood floors that I could refinish (or at the least paint--'cause that's kind of popular right now) and my carpet would be gone and my life would be wonderful.

And y'know--it didn't start out so bad. A corner of pretty nice old wood planks.

And then we came to. . .

Oh no. . .

Patches of tacky old crazy blue linoleum.

You know, it's not so bad, maybe we can just scrape up those patches and sand them down a little. It shouldn't take too mu--  

A HUGE hole cut out of the floor filled in with 2x16's. . . ?  and plaster of paris. . .?

Curse you wretched home-unimprover who did this to my floor who know's how long ago. 

My dad wasn't really interested in refinishing hardwood, and now I have to admit defeat and go along with his plan: a new sub-floor and fake flooring.  We only have two more years here after all--it's more practical.  So there goes my crazy idea. 

Speaking of crazy ideas:  Who's idea was it to fill our homes up with all kinds of unnecessary furniture--like couches?  Seem's like my boys would be perfectly content without any.

They could run circles in that room all day. 


Emily said...

Wow. It's really coming along. I can't wait until I can see the finished project. Too bad the hardwood floors didn't work out, but your new ones will be just as beautiful.

Anna and Stephen said...

Haha, sad day. But I know that you will make it look incredible! It seems like forever since I've been over to your house, I can't wait to see everything!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that's what my husband looks like. I almost forgot. Nonny

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that's what my husband looks like. I almost forgot!! And of course you know that big hole in the floor is where they used to bury the dead bodies. Duh.

Wayland said...

Post pictures of the new floor. I want to see it!!! Did Jeremy love moving the piano?

Anonymous said...

The piano move was not that bad.


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