Monday, August 30, 2010

Note to Self

Dear Jeanette,
Three things:

Getting up at 8 is not enough time to get Owen to school "punctually." Five days of school have shown you that, so tomorrow set you alarm earlier.

I saw you eat the last three cookies all by yourself instead of sharing two with your boys. I can't decide if that makes you a self-preservationist or just plain selfish.

Arguing with Jeremy at 12:30am about the nation of Panem's feelings on global exploration, the philosophy behind comic books, and the correct part of speech that the term "steampunk" belongs to is just not a good idea. . . on so many levels.

You might want to work on those things.


Aleatha Shannon said...

lol -Samuel and I stayed up way too late last night talking about which Arthurian stories/characters/time periods we like best. And how I like the Orkney clan better than the DeGales clan, though I like more of the characters of the DeGales clan. And that Sir Gawain is really awesome, despite everything. Hooray for geekiness!

Kristy said...

What time does school start? I am already home for almost 10 minutes by 8:00. That would be nice. We are up by 6, I can't imagine what it will be like with early morning seminary next year!

Anna and Stephen said...

I love it. And- I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Panem and Mockingjay- Stephen and I stayed up late chatting about that as well. And I think that steampunk is a verb (ex: I will steampunk that outfit) and an adjective (ex: That movie is steampunk) and a noun (ex: I like steampunk). Basically it's the ultimate word- it can go with everything, right? Not that I'm the expert, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

Jeanette said...

Yeah school starts at 8:40 --which is good. If it was any earlier I would probably have to homeschool!

Yes geekiness is found here. I've been contemplating my permanent tagline and recently thought of "Jeanetics-A Little Bit Nerdy" I dunno--we'll see.

And yes I agree that "Steampunk" falls under multiple parts of speech. The argument lies in Jeremy calling himself a "Steampunker" (totally lame sounding) and I'm like "It's just Steampunk. Like you're a punk, a steampunk." But then I give too many supporting arguments and it turns into a lecture and Jeremy just sits there with his raised eyebrow punk face. .

Anonymous said...

You crack me up, my darling girl. And no matter what time you get up, spend 15 SECONDS to make your bed. It honestly makes the biggest difference in your life. Then the next 15 seconds (to 15 minutes) is spent kneeling by that freshly made bed and asking for all the help you can get for the day! Love you bunches, Mommy

Anonymous said...

Oh, and P.S. Wyatt looks so precious in the picture. I just want to hold him, too!! I know he is also responsible for making it hard to get up at 8:00a.m. I swear his "hair" looks thinner--he's doing the four-to-six-month balding thing after which the 'real' hair comes in. Glad I get to see him in December! Nonny

Anonymous said...

Don't be so silly. You didn't mention that you were right in all of our discussions.


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