Thursday, August 5, 2010


Last night Jeremy and I were trying to get to bed, but the baby had other plans.

We tried swaddling him, nursing him, walking with him, and singing to him with no luck. 

Finally we just lay him down on our bed, awake, jabbering and kicking up a storm.  Jeremy and I lay down on either side of him voicing an occasional, "Oh really baby?  Yes, of course." But mostly baby Wy was content with his own squeals and jabbering. 

Suddenly I started awake from that only half asleep state, realizing it was completely quiet.

And then I grabbed my camera.

Wyatt had found his little thumb and put himself to sleep.  Hallelujah! 


Kara Lyn said...

He needs to share that secret with his cousin Dee Dee. She kept me up all night last night. Maybe they made a pact to have a party yesterday. Who knows. Congrats Wyatt for finding your thumb.

Emily said...

What a cutie!

Ali and Jay said...

thumb sucking is so cute but i am glad none of my kids have done it. i hear it isn't so fun to get them to stop. SO adorable though!

Anonymous said...

There is a point where I wouldn't care if I found him with a bloody tire iron as long as he was asleep.

Anonymous said...

Aww, precious! And I hear he rolled over, too. Hopefully Poppy won't get mad about the thumb thing. Thumb, pacifier, winky, whatever....there always comes a time when baby has to break a habit. In the meantime, enjoy the sleep! Nonny

Anna and Stephen said...

Jeremy- you crack me up.

Jeanette- glad you finally got some sleep! If only our lil' boys could plan their sleepless nights together, that way we could hang out!


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