Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Snack Bags Revisited

I've been thinking of a variation on those reusable snack bags I made to let them open up a bit more in the bottom.  At first I thought of making a pleat in the bottom like those pleated sandwich bags have, but I like what I came up with instead better.  
Sew the bag the same as the older version.  Then open the bag, pinch the bottom corners open one at a time and sew them flat open, straight across about an inch from the point, creating a little triangle.  (That is a gray side seam running down the middle.)

Then trim off that extra triangle of fabric, and cover that seam with bias tape, and the bottom looks like this.

 It leaves a nice wide open space inside for filling.

And the best part is--it makes it a self-standing bag.  That makes filling easier too.

Come back tomorrow to see the whole system I have worked out for doing Owen's school lunches.  That is--IF he brings his lunch box and containers home.  I forgot to explain to him that that is how this "sack lunch" thing works: bring home the containers and mom will wash them, fill them up again, and send them back to school with you tomorrow.  I hope someone stops him from throwing his whole lunch pail in the garbage!

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Emily said...

He threw his lunch box in the garbage?

Lorie said...

Oh! I need those! And I love that it stands all by itself!

Thanks for linking up to Show and Tell Saturday!


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