Tuesday, September 21, 2010

$15 and a Thrift Store

With the season of "legitimate" public costuming quickly approaching I have been itching to get to work on my steampunk clothing.

Yes- literally itching.

It's that feeling on your hands after sorting through racks of junk of countless concourses of other human beings at the thrift store. And you have to use three baby wipes when you get back in the car to wash up before you start to feel even a little bit normal.

I have found some real winners though, and I now have a great stash of materials to work with.

Not convincing? Check out that plastic-y fake leather jacket towards the front--Winner!  Ton's of potential for working on my outfit.  

Here's some of my inspiration pieces (with elements I like) that I gleaned from the Internets. 

 That is a Steampunk Princess Leia.

Yeah she's pretty cool. I like that her corset is a halter top--it kind of looks like a gun sling or whatever you call those things.  I also like her packs slung over opposite hips.

 I really like this skirt.  I don't know that I will go this direction on my current costume, but I do appreciate the layering of different fabrics and materials.

 This is great.  I like the industrial zipper and the buckles.  And I would wear this dress to church--it's not over the top costume-y.

Here's a picture of an actual period dress in the style I'll be gravitating towards.  I think I'll be doing an overskirt similar to the one in the picture.

I did some reading on Victorian-era clothing, and it's amazing--overnight I've become a huge critic.  I see people's outfits that combine pieces from conflicting periods and want to yell, "No!  That's wrong!"

But steampunk is a fantasy genre, so I should probably lighten up and let people do whatever they want.

Because I certainly plan to.


Anonymous said...

Sweet, I can't wait to see what you come up with. I know it will be steampunkular! I totally want the skirt, it rocks.

Luv, Evelyn

Aleatha Shannon said...

I'm excited to see your costume! I love those draped front apron-y Victorian skirts too.

In the BYU costume shop, we made "bum pillows" which were small pillows with a length of ribbon sewn on one edge, that you could tie around your hips, to help with the bustle effect.


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