Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The other morning Jeremy left early without eating  much breakfast.  Mid morning he was feeling a bit peckish so he walked down to the union bought a bagel, and took it back to the studio to eat.

From nearby he heard a scoff.  He looked over at two undergrad girls.

"Oh, a bagel." one said matter-of-fact-ly.

"Yeah, a bagel."  Jeremy said, a little confused.

"Carbs."  She said emphatically, thick with underlying meaning.

". . . "

People are so weird.


Kara Lyn said...

I agree with you Jeanette, people are weird when it comes to food. I love me some good bread.

Anna and Stephen said...

I'm curious what Jeremy said back- or wishes he said back. :)

Emily said...

Jeremy shouldn't feel too bad. I'm sure those girls had on those hideous running shorts and a t-shirt. He shouldn't care about what undergrads say when those same undergrads just roll out of bed for school.

Wayland said...

Did you guys get a new floor in your kitchen? Looks great. Pretty sure it was white before. :)

Mindy said...

I haven't ever gotten the "bad carbs" thing either. Personally, carbs are my staple. And I know lots and lots of skinny people who carbs are their staple too. And if we want to get into the scriptures, doesn't the word of wisdom tell us to eat carbs, essentially? To each his own, I suppose, but I would die without carbs.


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