Friday, September 10, 2010

Freezer Paper Stencils

Yesterday was pink day.  For the last two weeks in Kindergarten they have been reviewing colors with the new students and so they invited the children to wear clothing according to the color of the day.  So, yesterday was pink day.  Owen doesn't own any pink clothing.    So we decided to get creative.

I've wanted to try freezer paper stencils for a long time.  I even had a roll of freezer paper back on my craft desk just waiting for my first project.  Jeremy took creative lead on this.  It's always his job to make sure my projects for the boys aren't too girly.

"Artsy" they may be--we're ok with that--but "girly" is right out. 

First create your design and cut it out.  Simple designs are always easier to start out with.  

 Center the stencil with the slick, shiny side down on the fabric.  And press quickly with a hot iron making sure the inner edges in particular are stuck. 

Paint the design.  We used screen-printing ink since we had it, but people use fabric paint, and even acrylic as well.  I stamped the paint on with a stencil brush.  If you are brushing your paint on always brush from on top of the stencil and over the edge towards the center of the design.  Don't brush from the middle of the design outwards or you'll push paint out under the edges of your stencil. 

Let dry completely and peel off stencil.

Wear with pride.

And a happy pink day to you. 

1 comment:

Kara Lyn said...

Pretty sweet lightening streak. I think Owen is rockin' the color pink. He looks cute in a very non-girly way.


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