Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ridiculous Injuries

In case you missed us at church on Sunday.  Here's a sneak peak into what our weekend looked like:

Yes, it looks like some fabulous male-bonding time over the Wii.  And this particular five minutes was; however, Jeremy was in that spot more than five minutes --he spent the entire weekend laying on the floor.  Or our bed, and then back on the floor again. 

You'll also notice, junk all over the floor, a nekkid baby, and three loads worth of laundry that my wonderful friends came over and folded.  Yep, because a girl with a laid up husband can only do so much.

So Monday we took Jeremy in to be evaluated.  His diagnosis:

Right-side Radiculopathy

That's right and Jeremy and I both busted up laughing when she said it.  Trust Jeremy to have "Radicular" pain. Because we all know it's just a joke anyway, just one more convenient injury to get out of doing chores.

No, really Jeremy's been in tons of pain.  It just sounds a little ridiculous when you tell your doctor, "I hurt my back somehow, and it made the side of my leg hurt, and my ankle too."    Turns out that is a 100% accurate description of the "referred nerve pain" associated with radiculopathy.

Who knew?


Wayland said...

I had a fabulous chiropractor in Manhattan if you're interested.

Emily said...

At least he wasn't in too much pain to play the Wii with Owen!

Claire said...

Steve can fix right-sided radiculopathy in his sleep :)

Mindy said...

These Merrill men and their bad backs. When Tyler hurt his back and was in bed for a couple of days, I remember realizing the importance of and promising myself I would always carry more than adequate disability insurance on Tyler! Poor Jer!


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