Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Steampunk Cake

 When they announced a cake decorating contest with the church Labor Day picnic I was excited.  Time to bust out my "skills."

However, my ideas are always more grand than what I actually end up producing.   

 I was going for a Steampunk aesthetic.

 I think what I ended up more with was a Salvador Dali aesthetic.

 Yep--That's about right.

I need a better cake recipe that wont sink, and frosting that won't slump.

Oh well.  I still won the second place ribbon for my cake.  I was pretty proud. . . until Jeremy won the blue ribbon in the "Unusual Brownie" category for his Key Lime Brownies


Just kidding--I still love you.


Jennie said...

Any pictures of the brownies?

Your cake is awesome...way beyond what I can do!

Emily said...

I thought it looked wonderful. And it tasted amazing too!

(Boo, Jeremy and his delicious key lime brownies!)

Kara Lyn said...

Jeanette, you pretty much rock! I will give you all the blue ribbons and Jerm all the gross ribbons. Wyatt is so cute.

Mindy said...

Well I think it's a great cake! I wouldn't have noticed the "flaws" you did at all. The artist is always their own worst critic. Keep up the good, creative work!

Anonymous said...

There are no pictures of the brownies, since the pure awesomeness shorted out the camera. Besides you can't taste a picture.

Mama said...

Cool cake. I am impressed. I want to know about the brownie recipe. Is it a secret?

Anonymous said...

Awesome looking cake, deviously mysterious browines. You kids are cracking me up.

Luv, Eve

Anonymous said...

ROTFLOL--I love the Dali!! Jeanette you brighten my life. Thanks for all the fun postings. I know I can read here and feel entertained and not so sad that you live 2000 miles away. Nonny


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