Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Urban Foraging

I looked up at the tree as I walked by.  Little clumps of pears staring back down at me.  I noticed a couple on the ground outside the fence.

"Maybe I should pick those up"

As I looked at the tree over my shoulder while I continued walking by I watched a pear fall right to the grass.

That was a direct invitation from the tree.

I walked over to the grass parking strip, picked up the four good-looking ones and continued on my way home.

I had to cut off a few bruised spots from their falls, and a few bug spots (at least I know they don't have pesticides on them) and they were delicious.

It's always amazing to taste a fruit in season and naturally ripened.  If it's possible, it simply tastes more like a pear.  Sweet and crisp and delicious.

I followed the same route home again today, and found four fresh pears waiting for me, just ripened since yesterday.


Kara Lyn said...

I need to take some walks with you. Maybe we can find some hidden pirate treasure. You are awesome.

Emily said...

You found a random pear tree full of ripe fruit? Awesome! (and yummy!)


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