Monday, October 11, 2010

Babies are Worn Here

I made my first sling when I was pregnant with Owen. I looked all over the internet for baby-wearing resources and instructions for making a sling.

I always knew I would "wear my babies" though I didn't realize that's what it was called. I just remember going to the grocery store with my mom one day when I was a young teenager along with my aunt and her baby.  She pulled this padded sling out from her trunk and cozied her baby in it to wear around the store.

I'd never seen that before. But I knew that it looked perfect--that was how I wanted to carry my babies.

So I finished my sling and practiced carying a bag of malt-o-meal cerial around our little basement appartment.

But soon little Owen came, and I was able to sling my baby. 

With Jonas I fell in love with the wrap.  My own homemade version again.  Not stretchy like a "Moby" just a nice soft woven fabric.  And I lost my original sling the summer he was born.  (Maybe you found it. . . in a parking lot somewhere fallen out of my car?.  Arizona maybe--perhaps Salt Lake City?) But the wrap is versatile and can hold older children too.  I originally made it looking for more options as Owen started getting bigger.

I like the wrap best for newborns. It puts that weight right back to wear you are used to it.

And they seem so cozy inside.

I made a mei tai carrier after Wyatt was born.  Once again looking for another option for the older kid--this time Jonas.  But it works great for the baby as well. 

We took it on vacation.  And we did not take a stroller.

I have to admit--I was pretty nervous about not taking a stroller on vacation.  We always have before.  But we didn't miss it. . . although, now that I think of it--it might have been nice to have in the airport when we had to get a wheelchair for Owen.  But really--who could have foreseen that?!

Also, my health insurance company sent me a Snuggli for being such a good little patient and going to all my prenatal appointments.  So we've enjoyed having that for Wyatt too. 

I love being so in touch with my babies.  Being close to them is was allows me to know that their needs are being met and they are content.  I love babywearing (and my babies love being worn).

International Babywearing week/month--or something.  Just sharing my love.

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