Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Why do you blog?

(I count reading blogs as "blogging" too.)

I rely on blogging for a lot of things.  Blogging is how I find new recipes to try.  Blogging is where I get ideas for organizing and decorating my home.  I get ideas on simple living from blogs, as well as project tutorials, book suggestions, and really great brain food in the form of reading other bloggers' personal essays. 
My blogroll is like a personal daily magazine full of long and short articles catered directly to my interests. 

Some of the greatest potential for blogs (and the internet) is their ability to connect like-minded people and information.  If you find a blog that you enjoy the content of, then it's likely that they will link to other people and blogs of a similar mind or on similar topics, and that you will like those people and topics as well. 

This is especially useful for topics of "obscure interests."

I am the only person that I know in this town with a steam canner.  There is no one for me to talk to or swap ideas or recipes with other than tired old ladies who only ever canned because they felt they "had to" so their family could afford to eat.  That, of course, is very noble, and I feel grateful that my family has always had enough to eat; but it is a totally different mentality than what is behind the canning I do. 

But through the internet and blogging I am able to find others who are similar to me.  I found Food In Jars, a blog written by a woman who finds enjoyment and challenge through canning, and literally puts food into jars every month of the year.  She shares her projects along with recipes, cookbook reviews, tips, and links to other interesting food and canning bloggers. 

Through blogging I now have a "friend," ok not really, maybe more of a "resource" for regular canning information and ideas.  Amazing!

My personal blog is not as much of a niche blog.  When I got my domain name I thought of a lot of clever names that would identify my blog as being in this or that niche, but in the end that felt too stifling.  I don't have one thing that defines who I am.  I'm a lot of this a lot of that. So I went with Jeanetics because that's what this blog is--the random assortment of all things interesting to me.   

My kids my recipes, my projects, my hobbies, my thoughts. 

And although it is not the end-all online resource for all things steampunk-related.  I do have a few steampunk links and ideas people may be interested in. 

Or maybe you're here to see what my chickens kids are up to.

Or maybe you like recipes with stories behind them (those are my favorite to post).

Or maybe you are just here to find out what crazy ideas my brain's been brewing up lately. 

Whatever the reason there is always something that has bothered me since I first started blogging.  It's the comments section.  You can comment, and I can reply in the comments.  But it doesn't really reply to you.  It publishes so that the next person that comes on can read my reply, but will you ever get the answer to your question? 

That defeats a lot of the whole idea about blogs connecting people, and being an ongoing conversation on a topic of interest.

Sooo... I'm thinking of installing Intense Debate commenting on my blog.  So instead of typing a security word to leave a comment you type in your e-mail address (hidden from public view) but then I can respond by e-mail.  Which I think would make me happy.  And there is the ability for commenter to comment on previous comments as well like conversation threads.  And you can sign in to comment through your facebook account too.

Anyone have any experience or thoughts or different suggestions?  I'd really like to know.  Speak now--or forever hold your peace. 

And next time come back for an entire post devoted to responding to a question left in my comments recently.


Emily said...

I like how you define blogging. I think that's why I blog too. Although your blogging is way more interesting and creative than mine. I like the idea of the "intense debate" feature. I agree that if you did answer a question in the comments, I'd never go back to that particular comment and check to see if you answered it.

p.s. I'm excited to see what the question was that you're going to answer!

Ashley said...

I haven't commented much, but can I just say that I love your blog? I am finding that I am like you in so many ways! (For example, I have a steam canner and really don't like that everyone keeps telling me not to use it...or we really want chickens one day too...etc...)

I think your comment idea is great! I never ever go back and check for replies when I leave a comment. Who has time for that? I couldn't even tell you the last 5 places I commented, but if somebody had a reply to what I said, I would love to know what that is! (I do have my email address on my profile, but it's not my primary.)


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